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How Bridge Evolved

Bridge is the world’s most popular card game, and with good reason. Bridge enjoys universal popularity because Bridge can be played casually in your home with a few friends or relatives, or it can be at social clubs, or tournament style for the more competitive players. Any of these settings can provide a lifetime of enjoyment for the players.

Gem Collection Bridge set

Contract Bridge is the most often form of bridge played today, a distinction which Contract Bridge has enjoyed for nearly a century, but this was not always so. The game has evolved over time. Auction Bridge (a.k.a. Straight Bridge) was wildly popular until the 1920s when Harold Vanderbilt revolutionized the rules and scoring that we use today.

Some 300 years ago in England, the game of Whist became known as Bridge Whist. Eventually the the ‘Whist’ was dropped altogether, and the game we know and love today was simply called ‘Bridge’.

Bridge can be played many different ways:

- ‘Four Deal Bridge’ ( or ‘Chicago’) as the name suggests last only four deals. Played with one standard deck of 52 Bridge cards.
- Rubber Bridge can be the game of choice for those wishing to play for a little cash. Also played with a standard deck of 52 Bridge cards.
- Duplicate Bridge is where the same set of hands are dealt and played by several groups of players. A game requires a minimum of eight players and can be played with many more. Played with multiple decks of 52 Bridge cards, one deck for each table of four players.
- Honeymoon Bridge is designed for only two players, but would you really play cards on your honeymoon? Played with one standard deck of 52 Bridge cards.

Regardless of which form of Bridge you are playing, one thing is for certain: You will find the perfect deck of cards to play with right here at the The Bridge Source! You can play Bridge with poker-size cards, but we recommend you you chose the slightly narrower bridge-size card. By playing with the narrower bridge-size cards, you will be able to squeeze the cards closer together in your hand which makes them easier to hold.

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